President's Message

President’s Message

Another touring season is about over and we were blessed with great tours this year and wonderful weather and roads in Ozark, MO for our final tour of 2016.  Karol Spencer and Dorothy Puckett graciously shared the routes from their Show-Me T’s Tour of a couple of years ago. Thank you Karol and Dorothy.  We had 19 Model Ts, one Model A and a 1955 Ford.  It was good to have Angie Howell tour with us again along with friends Jane Sprouse and Vincent Cormier.  Vincent is our newest member and we look forward to him joining us on future tours.  We were also glad to have first timers to one of our tours, Joe Hall, Sherl Hamlett, Joe Bulfer and Clyde Gibson from the Show-Me Ts Club.  Missouri was also represented by John and Ann O’Donnell from Lee’s Summit who have toured with us in the past.

David Ragsdale brought up the need for club members to become more active and serve as officers.  None of the positions are difficult and tours are not hard to plan plus members with experience are willing to help new directors.  Please consider accepting these positions when asked so our club will thrive with more members involved.  

Roy Mathis, President