1921 Hercules Express Delivery

For Sale

This is a 1921 Ford Chassis with a Hercules Express Delivery Body.It has the correct engine number for 1921.

This is a total body-off-frame restoration.  Everything is either new or rebuilt, except the body, which is original.  It has a  new top, seat and tempered glass around.  The cab, windshield framework, tailgate and floorboards are original.

The engine is bored .060 over with aluminum pistons, new stainless steel valves and springs, Z head and a Stipe 280 cam.  The transmission has kevlar bands and a Watts clutch.  The rear end is an early Hall-Scott Ruckstell, correct for 1921.  It is completely rebuilt and shifts smoothly.

The front end and steering are rebuilt, using NOS '26-7 spindles to reduce camber for easier steering.  Steering is 5:1 ratio, using new parts.  

The electrical system is 12 volts.The car has the original ignition system as Ford designed it, using an Anderson timer and rebuilt coils.The radiator is a Berg's unit and it cools very well.

This car was built to drive and  has been on our last two club tours and the MTFCA National / Hillbilly Tour with no problems.It was driven to the Petit Jean swap meet in June and entered into judging, winning the First Place trophy in the black radiator Model T class.

This is a Model T which you can hop into and drive anywhere.It has fewer than 1,000 miles on the restoration.It needs nothing except a new owner.  The price is $14,900.  

Contact: Mike Walker,(479) 790-4229 or waterwalk99@hotmail.com