Volume 4, Number 4



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Ford Club of America

Fall Flower and Garden Show
in Crystal Springs

The Big Muddy
at Natchez

Southern beauty in Vicksburg & Natchez

Volume 4, Number 4                                                                                                        2008


Another great tour has come and gone.  Joe and Betty Jeffers did a great job hosting the tour with great Model T roads and beautiful scenery.  We had an excellent turnout with 12 Model T's and 4 Model A's representing Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama touring the beautiful state of Mississippi.  I think we may have set a record for this tour - no one had to use the vulture wagon, not even one of the modern cars.  We made some great new friends and enjoyed the fellowship, driving, and of course, the food (believe it or not, I even had another birthday - number 5 or 6 for the year).  Thanks Joe and Betty for all your hard work!!!

I look forward to 2009 under the guidance of our new officers: President Bill Payne, Vice President Frank Cook, Sec. Treas. David Ragsdale, Zone Directors Steve Bonifant and Earl Zechiedrich.  All the tours and the technical meeting this year were excellent and I know the 2009 editions will be equally as good.

I have enjoyed holding the office of 2008 President of our great club and look forward to seeing you all at our winter meeting.

Roy Mathis, President


October 17, 2008

On October 17th, Zone 4 director Joe Jeffers and his wife Betty hosted the Arkansas Tin Lizzies’ fall meeting in Vicksburg, Mississippi with twenty-eight people in attendance. President Roy Mathis opened the meeting by welcoming visitors Ray & Katherine Harper from Mobile, Alabama; David & Jeannie Hepler from Semmes, Alabama; Larry & Betty Jurisich from Slidell, Louisiana; Mack Oglesby from Bush, Louisiana.; Don Resch from Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Ron & Margie Baldwin from Saucier, Mississippi; Bob & Barbara Pinney from Gulfport, Mississippi and Robert & Louise Lancaster of Petal, Mississippi.  From this group the club gained five new member families.   Roy thanked Joe and Betty for doing a great job on the selection of roads and stops for the driving tours. After acceptance of minutes from the last meeting, the secretary/treasurer report was given by David who reported one new application for membership since the last meeting from Jim and Nancy Mackay of Fox, Arkansas. It was also reported ten delinquent members would be dropped for non-payment of their dues. This would change the current club roster to sixty-nine members. The bank account balance at the summer meeting was $1515.64. Since the last meeting one check was written to zone director Michael Nowlin for $75.00 for meeting expenses. There were four deposits totaling $270.00, which brought the account balance to $1710.64. President Roy asked for a report on the nominations for 2009 club officers from vice president Bill Payne, committee chairman. He presented the following nominations: Earl Zechdreich, Zone 1 director; Frank Cook, Vice president Zone 1; David Ragsdale, Secretary-Treasurer and Steve Bonifant, Zone 3 director. Bill Payne would assume the president’s position. A motion from Bill Howell to accept the slate of officers by acclamation was tabled so members could view a video for the Payne-Cook 2009 campaign.  After the campaign video, Nellie Howell seconded the motion and the club accepted by majority. After regaining order, the members who drove to Richmond for the 100 year Model T birthday party, spoke on the activities and the trip. In new business president-elect Bill Payne said he would speak with the new officers about dates and locations for 2009 meetings.  Bill Payne gave Mike Walker a shop rag with an attached chain to hopefully prevent any future mistakes in leaving rags in the transmission area after working on his Model T. Mack Oglesby was awarded a personalized gas container to help prevent a shortage of gas in his T while on tours.

David presented a video in memory of charter member Carl Braughton who passed away this year.  A copy of the presentation with a card signed by the members in attendance will be sent to Georgie. 

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
David Ragsdale

Meeting Summary:

1.      Visitors welcomed.

2.      Joe and Betty thanked for planning the meeting.

3.      Club account balance is $1710.64.

4.      Slate of 2009 officers presented.

5.      Payne-Cook campaign video viewed.

6.      2009 officers accepted by acclamation.

7.      2009 meetings to be set.

8.      Awards given to Mike Walker and Mack Oglesby.

9.      Memorial video of charter member Carl Braughton presented.

Fall tour

Our meeting in Vicksburg was a great gathering of Model T’s and A’s.  Sixteen cars hailing from Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana made up the group; everyone was an enthusiastic tourer.  The club was pleased to have several folks from Magnolia Model T Ford Club of Mississippi.  The tour took in sights and historic places from Vicksburg to Natchez.  By Wednesday afternoon all were gathered at the motel to make plans

and to greet friends, old and new.

Bill Payne was glad to see Roy.

Vicksburg was first on the agenda Thursday.  Touring included the Vicksburg National Military Park, the Old Court House Museum of Warren County and downtown Vicksburg with its quaint stores and shops. Vicksburg Military Park was the sight of the Civil War era siege of Vicksburg.  A film prior to the tour described the battle between the union and confederate armies that ultimately was lost by the southern forces.  Throughout the park there are markers and monuments of various stages of the battle.  Also in the park was the ironclad union gunboat U.S.S. Cairo.  It was salvaged in the 1960’s and is on display along with many artifacts.  After lunch the group visited the Old Court House Museum that had a marvelous exhibit of Vicksburg history.  There were portraits, china, silver, toys, tools, weapons, Indian and pioneer implements, furniture and numerous other items of history.  Downtown Vicksburg is a step into the past.  The Model A’s and T’s looked right at home for the period.

The second day of touring took in the beautiful Mississippi roads in route to the Fall Flower and Garden Fest at the Mississippi State Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station outside of Crystal Springs.  There were gorgeous exhibits of flowers that one could only dream about having in your own yard.  These exhibits were showplace for gardening expertise.  


The cars from our group made a grand entrance around mid-morning to the delight of many of the festival participants.  There were many interested onlookers.

A trip to Natchez via the Natchez Trace Parkway was a wondrous experience in a Model T or A on the final touring day.  You are travelling just the right speed to enjoy nature’s finest along the parkway.  The Trace is thought to have begun as a series of hunters’ paths that slowly came to form a trail from the Mississippi over the low hills into the valley of the Tennessee.

By 1810 the trace had become an important wilderness road.  It now provides travelers an unhurried route from Natchez to Nashville.  It was lunchtime before the group reached Natchez; all went to lunch across the Mississippi in a restaurant in Vidalia, Louisiana.  Some stayed in Natchez and went to an arts and crafts fair on the river and part of the group went back out on the Trace to enjoy more of the parkway’s beauty.





Member Spotlight 


Our spotlighted members are Larry and Carolyn Williams of Waverly, Tennessee where they grew up.  As with many of us, they have lived in other places and then came back to their hometown.  Larry and Carolyn passed through both Alaska and Alabama on their way back to Tennessee.

Larry retired from Tennessee Valley Authority.  Carolyn had a career as an educator and is a retired high school principal

In the spring of 1993 they spotted and old rusted out 1926 touring car in a backyard.  They had to have it; it looked just like Larry’s grandfather’s old car.  With the help of a very good wife, as Larry put it, and some good friends, he restored it!  They also now have a 1926 Model T Roadster and a 1929 Model A Roadster.

New Members

Eleven member families have joined us since our summer meeting.  They are listed below with their cities and the cars they own.  We are proud to welcome them.

Bill Durning; Fayetteville, AR; 1925 Touring Car, 1926 Touring Car, 1926 Pick Up.

Jerry and Shirley Durning; Fayetteville, AR; 1926 Pick Up, 1926 Coupe, 1926 Tudor, 1927 Touring Car.

Barry and Carolyn Elcock; Christchurch, New Zealand; 1924 Speedster, 1926 TT Truck and 1928 Model A Phaeton.

Ray and Katherine Harper; Mobile, AL; 1915 Depot Hack, 1921 TT Truck, 1923 Touring Car, 1929 Model A Sports Coupe, 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo; 1969 Chevy TK.

David and Jeannie Hepler; Semmes, AL, 1929 Model A.

Larry and Betty Jurisich; Slidell, LA; 1923 Depot Hack.

Jim and Nancy Mackay; Fox, AR; 1925 Coupe, 1927 Depot Hack.

Rex Poe and fiancé Marie Morwine; Conway, AR; 1926 Touring Car, 1926 Runabout.

Mack and Angie Oglesby; Bush, LA, 1915 Express Truck

Dan and Rosie Resch; Ocean Springs, MS; 1914 Delivery Truck, 1915 Salesman’s car, 1922 Coupe, 1922 Touring Car.

Reiner and Heike Wilhelm, Aidlingen, Germany; 1924 Fordor Sedan, 1925 Racer, 1926 Coupe.

Carl Braughton will be missed by the Tin Lizzies

Carl and Georgie Braughton

One of our most active charter members, Carl Braughton, passed away September 4, 2008.  He was an enthusiastic Model T’er from Hot Springs and served as a club director from the central Arkansas zone.  He and wife, Georgie, were always recognizable in their 1924 bright green coupe.  The bright colored T seemed to symbolize his positive and outgoing attitude toward life.  He will certainly be missed by our members.  Our deepest sympathy is extended to Georgie on her loss of such a dear person.

Website down

The Tin Lizzie website is temporarily not working.  Webmaster Bill Howell says that it seems to be a hardware problem and hopes to have it going again soon.

Time to pay 2009 Dues

If you have not already paid your dues for 2009, IT IS TIME.  At your earliest convenience please send your $10.00 to David Ragsdale, 216 N. El Paso, Russellville, AR  72801.

meeting and tour plans for 2009

Winter: February 20-21, Russellville, AR.  Contact, Nellie and Bill Howell, 479-229-3878.

Spring:  April 17-18 in conjunction with the Tulsa club’s Dogwood Tour, Eureka Springs, AR.  Contact, Frank Cook, 479-981-0731.

Summer:  Date to be decided.  Contact, Earl Zechiedrich, 479-474-8155.

Fall:  Date to be decided.  Possibly in the Hardy, AR area.  Contact, Steve Bonifant, 501-259-8828.

winter meeting

The winter technical meeting will be held February 20-21 in Russellville at the Howell’s Car Barn, 206 Howell Road off Hwy 247 south of Russellville.  Meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.  Two topics that may be on the agenda are wheel bearings and Model T safety.  If you have suggestions contact Bill Howell, 479-236-3630.  A $54 group rate at the Best Western has been arranged (479-967-1000) in Russellville, exit 81 south from I-40 at Highway 7. Eight rooms have been set aside for the Tin Lizzie group.  These are with king size beds for the evenings of February 19-20.  You may also make reservations for the 21st  at the same rate.  Should additional rooms be necessary more can be added to the club block. 

Area Events of interest

March 22-28:  Club Outing of the  Magnolia Model T Ford Club of Mississippi, Mt. Petit Jean, AR.  Contact, Bob & Barbara Pinney, 601-928-3328.

April 17-18:  Dogwood Tour, Eureka Springs, AR.  Contact, Frank Cook or Earl Zechiedrich.

Magnetic tin Lizzies signs

If you would like to order one of the Arkansas Tin Lizzie magnetic signs, they are available from Vinyl Graphics, 2417 Airport Road, Hot Springs, AR  71913.  Contact Bill Braughton at 501-767-1800.

 logo clothing


If you want a shirt, jacket, hat or other item to be embroidered with the Tin Lizzie logo, check with Tina Byrum at Rags to Stitches, 479-890-5270.  You can provide the item to be embroidered or purchase it from her.

tin Lizzies Classifieds

Send classified information, wanted or for sale, to Arkansas Tin Lizzies News, 16508 West State Highway 155, Dardanelle, AR  72834.  Send a picture and a detailed description and condition of items offered for sale.  Or, e-mail information to nhh@midamericamgmt.com.

For Sale:  This 1926 Speedster has an engine that Bill Younkin rebuilt.  It has new babbits, rebored cylinders, aluminum pistons, a Sherman superfire head, ’26 wire wheels, new Denman tires and top and side curtains.  For more information call Bill Younkin; 1741 N. Walnut Ave.; Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703; 479-442-7676.

Club library

Our library available for loan includes the books listed below.  The current secretary takes care of the library.   
1. Adventures of Herman & Freida & their Model T (This is fiction but entertaining reading)
2. Freida Learns to Drive
3. Transmission Repairs
4. Engine Repairs
5. Carburetor Repairs
6. Speedometer Repairs

2008 Tin Lizzies officers

President……….…Roy Mathis
Vice President…....Bill Payne
Sec./Treas………...David Ragsdale
Director…………....Frank Cook
Director…………....Joe Jeffers
Webmaster………..Bill Howell
Newsletter Editor…Nellie Howell

2009 Tin Lizzies officers

President…………..Bill Payne
Vice President…….Frank Cook
Sec./Treas………....David Ragsdale
Director…………….Steve Bonifant
Director…………….Earl Zechiedrich
Webmaster………...Bill Howell
Newsletter Editor….Nellie Howell