We were happy to welcome three new members to the Arkansas Tin Lizzies from outside the United States.  Barry and Carolyn Elcock from Christchurch, New Zealand and Reiner Wilhelm of Germany joined the Arkansas club at the T Party.  Barry and Carolyn rode with the Howells during all the centennial events.  They have two Model Tís back home in New Zealand one of which is Barryís love, a speedster.  He brought pictures of his handiwork as a machinist that all the speedster guruís were anxious to view.  Reiner and other Model Ters from Germany sat with some of the Arkansas group; Reiner was convinced to be one of us too!  It was interesting to share our Tís and T experiences with others at the centennial. 

Barry and Carolyn Elcock; Christchurch, New Zealand; 1924 Speedster, 1926 TT Truck and 1928 Model A Phaeton.

Reiner and Heike Wilhelm, Aidlingen, Germany; 1924 Fordor Sedan, 1925 Racer, 1926 Coupe.