Volume 3, Number 1



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Club of America



 Rainy Rides Are Our Specialty

Misty Day On the Buffalo


Harrison tour rainy!

Volume 3, Number 1                                                                                                 2007


Late in 2004, David Ragsdale took it upon himself to contact the MTFCA and all the Arkansas Model T’ers he could locate, and he got several of us together in Russellville in January of 2005 to discuss the possibility of forming a Model T club. Our club, which began as a vision for a statewide organization, now includes more than fifty members from six states.  This is remarkable when you consider that our initial organizational meeting was held just two years ago.  We members all owe a debt of gratitude to David for his ideas and all of his continuing hard work to further our club.  David’s wife Tena, and members Bill and Jayne Payne and Bill and Nellie Howell also have been invaluable in helping to make our club the success it is today.

As we begin our third year as a club, this is an exciting time to be a Model T’er.  The 100th birthday of the Model T is fast approaching, and many wonderful events are being planned to celebrate the occasion.  The first Model T was completed late in 1908 and production of the T continued into 1927.  Henry Ford was deservedly proud of his “car for the common man”, the car that put the world on wheels.   But I think even he would be very surprised to learn that some of us are driving them 100 years later.

As plans are being formulated for the 2008 celebrations across the country, we have plenty of opportunities for Model T action in our own neck of the woods.  In addition to our own club tours, there are tours held by the Model T clubs of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Springfield, all of which are within easy driving distance for us here in Arkansas.  One especially exciting opportunity for us this year is the Hillbilly Tour, presented by the Heart of the Ozarks Chapter in Springfield, Missouri.  This weeklong tour will be held September 2-8, and is an MTFCA National Tour.  Folks from all over the country will be attending this meet, and it will be your chance to experience the thrill of 150 Model T’s in one place!  Call Bob Stone at 573-346-1330 for information on the tour.  We won’t often have a chance to attend a national tour this close by.

We had a good turnout for our January meeting in Harrison, despite terrible weather just a few miles to the northwest.  Our April 27 & 28 tour will be held in Hot Springs, a fun place to visit anytime.  One of the reasons for the success of our club is the fact that we have four tours each year.  This gives us plenty of opportunity to get together and have fun driving our cars, rather than just meeting with each other and talking about cars, as some clubs do.  Since weather is always a factor in planning January’s meeting, we may decide to alter our format somewhat and instead have a “clinic” or seminar for our winter meetings, which would be held inside.  There are many interesting and informative topics which might be discussed at these sessions, and we all will be able to learn more about Model T’s.  The club’s ladies are putting their heads together to come up with some ideas for activities they might enjoy more than learning about how to rivet new linings to transmission bands.  The ladies are as much a part of the club as the men, and we appreciate their support of our affliction with Model T’s.   Members will soon be sent questionnaires asking for their input on the “winter seminar” and other matters.

I am pleased to have Roy Mathis assisting me this year in his role as the club’s Vice-President, and David Ragsdale as our new Secretary/Treasurer.   We are indeed fortunate to have Nellie and Bill Howell continuing their fine work as Newsletter Editor and Webmaster.  We welcome input from all members for ideas on how to make our club better.  I am looking forward to serving the club as its President this year, and I am excited about getting together with Model T’ers, their families and their cars, and having fun!

Mike Walker, President

January 12, 2006

Zone 2 hosted the 2007 winter meeting of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies in Harrison. Due to the inclement weather, the meeting scheduled for Saturday at Yellville was cancelled, and a special called meeting was held at the Comfort Inn in Harrison on Friday night. The meeting was brought to order by president Mike Walker. He thanked the hardcore members in attendance for braving the weather and showing up.

He also welcomed new members, Joe and Betty Jeffers who drove to the meeting from Vicksburg, Mississippi and Joe and Joan Garcia from Dover.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved. Secretary/treasurer Jane Payne reported the balance at last meeting was $820.24. There were no expenditures, a $240.00 deposit in member dues and $35.00 in private donations. The current bank account balance is $1095.24. Jane reported that most of the members had paid their 2007 dues and that dues paid by new members at the last meeting would be applied to 2007. It was also reported that we received sixteen new members in 2006, which brings our total membership to fifty-nine.  Mike Walker reminded all members that dues were due and should be paid now.  Send your 2007 dues to David Ragsdale, 216 North El Paso, Suite A, Russellville, AR  72801.

Bill Howell gave his report regarding the request made by Mike Walker at the last meeting to consider the possibility of updating zones according to current membership.  Bill stated that changing the current zoning probably would not help participation and that current geographic areas are still favorable to membership traveling distance. It was suggested that distance may not be a problem for participation since we have meetings in each zone every year; however, he offered to send a survey to each member for suggestions on better participation at meetings. Tena Ragsdale suggested publicizing our group by notifying the local newspapers in the towns where we will be having our meetings. Bob Emerson suggested having a technical presentation at one of our meetings, perhaps the winter meeting. Bill Payne said we might want to consider just having a meeting without a tour in the winter since the weather is not usually very good at that time of year. Bill Howell further suggested we might want to consider touring outside of the state at some time.

President Walker updated the group on the antique car tag situation. Mike and David Ragsdale went to Little Rock and met with Roger Duren of the Arkansas DMV. They both made suggestions and received enough information to take back to their legislators for sponsoring a bill that will eliminate the current misuse of the antique tag. Mike wrote a draft that will be submitted by his legislator. It was decided that a requirement of antique/classic car insurance be required in order to get an antique auto tag. This would decrease the number of antique tags issued since there are requirements made by insurance companies to qualify for the antique auto classifications. President Walker also reported that Arkansas could now license your authentic year specific tags through the specialty tag program.  This tag would be renewed each year and must carry a renewable sticker.

In new business, Bill Howell reported that Zone 4 will host our next meeting in Hot Springs on April 27- 28. The host hotel will be the Best Western Stagecoach Inn.

Mike handed out flyers on the 2008 Model T Party in Richmond, Indiana. Some of our club members have already reserved rooms at the Days Inn in Richmond for July 20-27.  In late January there were still twenty rooms available for those who wanted to make reservations.  More information is available on the MTFCA website.  David Ragsdale will be coordinating the tour for our club which will leave from Springfield, Missouri July 18.

Mike and club members awarded Joe and Betty Jeffers the Tin Lizzie Doughnut Trophy for traveling such a long distance in unfavorable weather.


Mike gives Joe the “treasure”.

The club presented a framed print of an early Model T era couple to Bill and Nellie Howell to thank them for their work for the Tin Lizzies.

Business was completed and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
David Ragsdale, secretary/treasurer

Meeting Summary:

1.      Bank balance is $1095.24.

2.      Membership now at 59.

3.      2007 dues now due.

4.      Survey to be sent to members.

5.      Antique tag update.

6.      Spring meeting in Hot Springs April 27-28.

7.      2008 Model T 100 Year Celebration discussed.

8.      The Jeffers of Vicksburg, Mississippi awarded Tin Lizzie Doughnut.

9.      Howells given framed print.

winter tour

The tour in Harrison was fun and for the Tin Lizzies it was not too rainy on the first touring day. 

We gathered on Friday with four T’s, a vulture wagon and one modern vehicle.  Bill Payne’s Model A had mechanical problems so it did not make the tour on Friday; it was in tip top order for a Saturday tour though.  The Paynes, Ragsdales, Emersons and Chuck Haynes made a pre-tour tour to Green Forest on Thursday before everyone else arrived.

Thursday’s tour went from Harrison down into the Buffalo River Valley.  Though there was light rain and mist part of the time the foggy views from the mountain tops and valleys were no less beautiful.  We went through the valley at Ponca that was rustic looking and quite pastoral at the Elk Education Center.  We even spotted  elk in the fields near the road. 

 We went up and down the hills and into Jasper for lunch on the square at the Ozark Café.  In Jasper the Garcias had to top off their gas tank to keep going UP those hills, but their new T performed wonderfully on its first Tin Lizzie tour! 

The lunch stop allowed for a little visiting in the local establishments and for the locals to get a look at our T’s. 

David Ragsdale even gave a ride to a Jasper couple that had fond memories of the T’s of their youth.  We stopped at Mystic Caverns but found it closed.  Our spirits undampened, we continued our tour in a light mist and arrived back in Harrison a little earlier than planned.  It provided time for visiting and a bit of work on some of the cars.

Tena taught Judy tatting while Bev, Jane and Joan visited after our ride.

Mike tuned up his T and the two Bills, David and Bob offered advice.

The weather predictions were not good for Saturday.  The rain was to continue more steadily; and the temperatures were going to drop.  So we decided to have our meeting after dinner Thursday evening.  Some went home on Thursday night and the rest left early Friday morning.






Member Spotlight


Bob and Judy Emerson, both native Oklahomans, moved to Petit Jean Mountain in 2000.  They have been married for forty-seven years and raised three girls and are now the proud grandparents of six.  Judy is a homemaker and Bob is a retired businessman with careers in teaching and banking.  Judy and Bob also owned a large document printing company for about ten years.  They have moved around the south over the years living in Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Florida.  While in Florida they volunteered with the U.S. department of Wildlife for the conservation of sea turtles, reporting on various things in the environment that would help in saving this endangered species.   In certain esteemed circles Bob has been known to come out of his retiring ways to

perform weddings for desperate young women and angry, shotgun toting fathers.   He is the preferred unauthorized, unelected Justice of the Peace in the area.  Bob’s ceremonies are entertaining and custom made for the occasion.

In June 2005 Bob and Judy spotted their 1918 Centerdoor at the Petit Jean Swap Meet.  It did not take them long to decide that it was the car for them.  A long time friend gave Bob his initial driving instruction. Then several of our club members went to Petit Jean to help Bob learn to drive their new find.  As reported by both the teachers and the student it was a wild ride.  Bob now has the hang of that T driving.

Not long ago the Emersons were at Lowe’s and Bob saw a Bronco pulling a trailer that looked like what he might want for his T.  He talked with the gentleman who owned the Bronco and told him that he was looking for a trailer to haul a 1918 Model T.  The man asked him if he wanted an authentic Arkansas 1918 license plate for his car.  Bob was offered the tag for what the man paid for it when he acquired it.  He gave the 1918 license plate to the Emersons for their car!  As they say on the TV commercial, some things are “priceless”.


New members

Joe and Joan Garcia and Gracie
Dover, Arkansas
1925 Fordor


Joe and Betty Jeffers
Vicksburg, Mississippi
1909 Touring, 1923 Roadster Pickup, 1923 Touring


Thomas and Trish Phillips
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Model T Pedal Car 

Officer installation

An official passing of the gavel will take place at the Hot Springs meeting.  Because of the weather related impromptu meeting in Harrison this was not taken care of properly at that time.

Tinkering tips

The Tin Lizzie News thanks Chuck Haynes for sharing with us the following difficult to find information.  The source to be credited is the November 2006 T’OILERS NEWS, the newsletter of the Puget Sound Chapter of MTFCA,.





*If you would like to have a larger copy of these specifications, write the Arkansas Tin Lizzies News, 16508 W. State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR  72834.  An 8 ½ X 11 copy is available.

Newsletter Correction

The editor made a mistake in the last issue.  The Boytons drove their T at our fall meeting.  So it was up and running and not still under restoration as reported, my apologies to the Boytons.

Spring meeting

Make space on your calendar April 27-28 for our spring meeting in Hot Springs.  Carl Braughton, has made plans for a 75 mile trip on the 27th. We will be going to Blakely Dam and then take a tour of the power plant. The route will take us up 7 north then west to the dam. Lunch will be at Brady Mountain resort.  On Saturday we will be going to the top of West Mountain for a view of Hot Springs and then back down to Bath House Row for a museum tour Also included will be a trip to one of the largest antiques stores in Hot Springs.  For those who wish to attend a country western show on Friday night there are two, the Bath House show on central Ave. and the Music Mountain Jamboree show on highway 70 East just before Magic Springs Theme Park Our meeting and lunch on Saturday will be at Ryan’s Restaurant.  Carl has made motel arrangements for us at the Best Western (501-624-2531), 2520 Central Avenue, across the street from Oak Lawn Race Track.  Rates will be $67.49 + tax/ night; this includes a complimentary continental breakfast.  Tell them you are with the Tin Lizzies when you reserve your room.  For more information, contact Carl Braughton at 501-623-5424 or check the Tin Lizzie website.

 Survey coming

A survey will be coming soon to get feedback from the membership to improve club participation.  What are you interested in doing at a meeting and what would you like for our club to offer you.


Would you like to contribute or suggest an article or pictures for the newsletter?  We would like to hear from you.  Send it to Arkansas Tin Lizzies News, 16508 W State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR  72834.