Volume 2, Number 4



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Ford Club of America

T’s ready for the drive to Alma

Antique Shop-Hoppers

Three tours in
Two days

Volume 2, Number 4                                                                                                               2006



The word is that the Zone 1 tour in the Fayetteville was spectacular.  I’m sorry that I missed a good time.  I had had reservations for the meeting and tour in Hershey Pennsylvania for a long time and could not do both events.  Thanks to vice president Mike Walker for handling the meeting as well as planning the events of the tour. 

The second year for the Arkansas Tin Lizzies has been a good one and we have grown in numbers and stayed active with our meetings and tours.  Our election of officers was completed and looks to be a great group for 2007.  They are sure to perform well in their respective offices.  Thank you to all the 2006 officers, directors and others for all the work they did for the club this year.  It takes that effort to keep our club going strong.

We send our condolences to Tom Patris on the passing of his wife Maggie.  We sympathize in the loss that he and his family feel and look forward to seeing Tom soon at our meetings.

Morris Dillow, President

October 7, 2006

The fall meeting of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies was hosted by Zone 1 in Fayetteville.  The meeting was brought to order by vice president Mike Walker.  He thanked everyone for coming and welcomed our guests.

Mike stated that he is still working on the car tag issue.  The progress slowed down because of time spent planning the fall meeting.

Mike reminded all members to be sure their dues were paid for this year. Nellie Howell asked about the disposition of the unpaid members.  Our by-laws state February 1 is the due date for our membership dues to be paid.  We have in the past sent newsletters until the end of the year to all members even though their dues were not current.  The cost of mailing the newsletter is about $1.25 each time.  A discussion was held about when to discontinue newsletters to unpaid members.  Bill Howell suggested that we send a reminder with the next newsletter to members whose dues were not paid stating that will be their last newsletter.  This notice will also go along with the second newsletter of each year.

Mike mentioned that since this is the last meeting of the year we need to decide on the meeting schedule for 2007.  He asked David Ragsdale to explain the meeting rotation.  David said Michael Nowlin had requested a summer meeting in his zone because he teaches and would have more time in the summer to assist in the planning.  If this change were made that would cause the Fayetteville area to have the meeting again in January.

I was decided in order to be fair to each zone; it should stay on the same four year rotation.  This would give each zone a meeting in each season.  David agreed to help with the planning of the meeting in zone 2.  The following will be the 2007 meeting Schedule:

·        Winter/January – Zone 2 (North Central)

·        Spring/April – Zone 4 (Central)

·        Summer/July – Zone 1 (Northwest)

·        Fall/October – Zone 3
(River Valley)

Mike presented a map showing the four zones with pins indicating the location of each member.  Some zones have more members than others.  He would like to have a more even distribution of our membership in each zone.  Bill Howell volunteered to work on the zoning project and review zone boundaries.

Mike thanked Bill Howell and Bill Younkin for helping with the tour planning.

Nellie Howell reported on the nominating committee’s slate of officers for 2007.  The following is the slate of officers:
President – Mike Walker
Vice President – Roy Mathis
Sec./Treas. – David Ragsdale
Zone Directors:
    Carl Braughton, Central
    Bob Emerson, River Valley
    Michael Nowlin, North Central

Bill Payne made a motion that we accept the slate of officers by acclamation.  Bill Howell seconded the motion and it was approved by the membership.

Nellie and Bill Howell agreed to continue as newsletter editor and web master, respectively.  Mike thanked them for the great job they do.

Morgan Story was the winner of the Tin Lizzie Doughnut/Hard Luck Award.  He established a new record as the first two time winner.

David Ragsdale presented letters he had received from several candidates for MTFCA Board of Directors.  Ballots are in the Vintage Ford magazine.  The letters that were received will be available on the website.  David also read a note from Geff Bland about the “outcome” of the spring meeting prank/skit.  A picture of sorts was shown of Miss Ellie Mae’s new offspring.

The financial report was given by Secretary/Treasurer, Jane Payne.  The Tin Lizzies had a balance of $800 at the July meeting.  Revenues of $20 were received for membership dues.  This brought the club’s bank balance to $820.24.

Nellie distributed spotlight forms and requested they be sent to her for use in the upcoming newsletters.

It was announced the Heartland T’s of Oklahoma City are having a fall foliage tour in Eureka Springs November 3rd.  Inn of the Ozarks will be the host hotel.  Mary Lou Robinson reminded us of the October 13 – 14 Jones Tour.  She also thanked the club for a enjoyable tour.

Thanks were also made to Mike Walker for tour planning, Bill Younkin for leading the Alma tour and to the vulture wagon drivers, the Freemans and the Howells.

Door prize winners were Monte Harnar, Bill Younkin and Roy Mathis.

Business was completed and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Payne, secretary/treasurer


Meeting Summary:

1.      Antique license plate discussion delayed.

2.      2007 dues are due by Feb. 1.

3.      Meeting rotation set for 2007.

4.      Membership zones to be reviewed.

5.      2007 officers elected.

6.      Morgan Story Hard Luck winner again.

7.      MTFCA board candidate letters presented

8.      Account balance is $820.24.


Fall Tour

Thursday afternoon gathering
and tire kicking


There were twelve cars on the fall tour of Fayetteville/Northwest Zone 1.  Mike Walker planned two tours for Friday and one for Saturday. 

There was a 40 mile tour that consisted of antique shop-hopping and driving in the Tontitown and  Springdale areas.  Three cars plus the vulture wagon driven by Bill and Lou Freeman were on this tour. 

The first stop was at the Boynton’s Stone Chapel built by new members Lowell and Ann Boynton.  This tour was for the hard core “antiquers” to be sure.  They saw lots of antiques, collectibles and some junk too in six different antique shops.  Lunch was at the AQ Chicken House that has been a famous fixture in the restaurants of the area. 

The driving tour lead by Bill and Mildred Younkin went all the way to Alma via Highway 71 over the Boston Mountains.  Lunch was in Alma before resuming the afternoon ride.  The group meandered down state highways, US highway 71 again and on to Devil’s Den State Park.  It was going up the last big hill to Devil’s Den that Morgan garnered his award.  The total trip was about a 135 mile trek.  It was a good test for T’s and drivers on this tour. 

Drivers get instructions Saturday


Saturday we added two more cars.  The Fayetteville Farmer’s Market  on the square was a fun first stop. 

A festive array of fruits, vegetables, flowers and various wares were to be had.  Next were a couple more antique shops to be seen before lunch and the meeting.

Penguin Ed’s barbeque made a delicious lunch prior to the quarterly meeting.  Then after lunch we drove out Highway 16 to Prairie Grove completing the last leg of an 80 mile run.

We had four new cars with us this time.  The Houstons, Harnars and Robinsons, all from Oklahoma and the Halls from Arkansas.  All of these folks are new members of the Tin Lizzies and will be listed later in the newsletter.  New members Lowell and Ann Boynton hope to have their car ready soon.







Member Spotlight

The Tin Lizzies News still needs your spotlight information.    Please send your information along if you have not done so already.  If you need a spotlight form, contact Nellie Howell, Arkansas Tin Lizzie News, 16508 W. State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834, (479) 229-3878.



Michael lives in Jonesboro and is an instructor at Arkansas State University Technical Center.  He teaches automotive technology.  He acquired his love of old cars from his grandfather who owned many old Fords.  They spent hours together tinkering with Model T’s and early Ford V8’s.  Owning and restoring his 1925 Model T runabout is right down Michael’s alley.

In addition to his ‘25 T, Michael has a 1970 Oldsmobile and a 1998 luxury hardtop.

Michael is the 2007 Zone 2 Director for the Arkansas Tin Lizzies.


New members

Lowell and Ann Boynton
Fayetteville, Arkansas
1912 Touring

Bob and Joann Hall
Fayetteville, Arkansas
1927 Touring and 1915 Speedster

Michael and JoAnn Hartman
Ola, Arkansas
1921 TT Truck

Frank and MaryLou Robinson
Jenks, Oklahoma
1923 Touring


Monte and Patricia Harnar
Tulsa, Oklahoma
1926 Coupe and 1925 Touring


Fred and Lavina Houston
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
1913 Runabout

Morris sidelines as Eureka Springs bank robber

Every year in early September Eureka Springs has a re-enactment of a bank robbery that occurred there in 1922.  Amongst the re-enactors is the driver of the getaway car.  For years the father of two of our members did this job until he passed away.  Morris Dillow has taken over as the gangster driver.  History reports the town officials were alerted to the scheme and were waiting for the would be thieves.  All the original robbers were gunned down at the scene of the heist.    The driver of the getaway car was the only one to escape the sheriff and his deputies but crashed his car into Eureka’s Basin Street wall and died about a hundred yards from the bank.


Braughtons Celebrate 50th

Carl and Georgie look just like they did the day they were married, but better!

Winter Meeting

Our next meeting will be in the north central zone.  David Ragsdale will help plan this meeting since director Michael Nowlin will not have much free time because of his teaching duties.  However, Michael is sure to offer suggestions for a new and interesting tour and meeting in his area.  We will send notices in time for all to make their plans.


Tinkering Tips

The following has been recopied from an article by Ed Meloan in the July. 1999 South Carolina Spark Coil newsletter.  Thanks again to Ed and the Spark Coil.

Howdy Fellow Model T'ers!  In past columns we've talked about various parts of the Ford ignition system.  We've covered timers, the magneto, coils and sparkplugs.  This time, let's discuss the growing popularity of using a distributor and completely eliminating the need for magneto, coils and timer!

If you do an informal survey of the folks who tour a lot in their T's I think you'll find that more than half of them are now using a modern distributor and single spark coil system.  Those who have them generally like them.  There are those, who enjoy the buzz of the old spark coils and continue to use the original system and when properly adjusted the timer and coils can work equally as well but the distributor is a much simpler system to get adjusted and working and... unless you're using an Anderson timer, the distributor is probably more trouble free.

There are three distributors that currently make up the bulk of the systems sold.  One uses a distributor head from a Japanese car, another uses a Volkswagen head and the third uses a Bosch head.  All seem to be constructed pretty well and all will probably do the job but there are differences.

Let’s take the Japanese model first.  This kit is made up by John Stolz in Weatherford, Texas.  It comes complete with 6 or 12 volt coil, idler pulley, sparkplug wires and special wrenches.  It's a nice package with everything you need to convert.  The other two do not include the sparkplug wires which will add about $10.00 to their cost.

The Stolz distributor mounts down in the same position as the original timer which eliminates any play that the others may have in the spiral gear and shaft they use.  That's an advantage but the location is also a disadvantage in my opinion.  The distributor is down in front where it will be coated with oil AND it's not in a position where you can set the points easily!   Dick Chambers plans to install one of these on his "Peach Flat" Model T and I'll let you know his experiences with it.

The second choice uses a Volkswagen head.  When you buy this one, you'll also need to buy a coil, coil bracket and sparkplug wires so don't forget to order them at the same time.  The VW model clamps where the timer was but the distributor itself is on top of a vertical shaft which puts the points up where they are easy to set or replace and easy to adjust for timing.  The VW rotor turns opposite to the Bosch unit and so it requires an slightly more complicated linkage with two rods and a small arm to reverse the motion so that when the spark lever is up the distributor is retarded.  There's nothing wrong with this but it does take a little longer to install and adjust the rods for the correct distances.  The VW distributor will make it difficult to get to the fan belt adjustment because of the position of its vertical shaft.  Once installed, the VW distributor works well and spare parts are available at any local auto supply.

The third system we'll discuss uses the Bosch head.  This one also places the distributor head on the end of a vertical shaft making it easy to adjust or replace the points.  The Bosch also is positioned so that it does not interfere with the fan belt tensioning bolt.  Another advantage of the Bosch is that the direction of rotor travel allows a simple single control rod with two less adjustments and less chance of play in the spark retard/advance.  Bosch replacement parts should also be readily available at local parts suppliers.

The distributor does not need the magneto and, in fact, will not run well on one.  So if you have magneto problems the distributor is a quick and painless solution that offers very good performance and possibly improved power if your mag or spark coils are not in top condition.  If running 12 volts you will want to place a dropping resistor in series with the coil to drop the voltage down to 8 volts.  This increases point life.

See you down the road…



Would you like to contribute or suggest an article or pictures for the newsletter?  We would like to hear from you.  Send it to Arkansas Tin Lizzies News, 16508 W State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834.