Volume 2, Number 1



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Club of America

Views of the Winter Tour around DeGray Lake and atop Skyline Drive

Hot Springs
DeGray Lake

Volume 2, Number 1                                                                             2006



We are planning a great 2006 for the Tin Lizzies.  Our tours and meetings are shaping up very well.  We are having well planned tours by each zone and everyone that has participated seems to have been quite pleased.  The Hot Springs tour around the DeGray Lake area was beautiful and well done.  The Zone 3 meeting will be interesting and we look forward to seeing many of our new members there as well as people that are now getting their cars running and on the road.  I urge our members to come with your car or not.  Often there are plenty of back seats available for folks to ride along with others.  If your car isn’t ready for the road yet and you would like to hitch a ride, contact the Zone director in the meeting area or one of our officers and we will try and make arrangements for you to ride along. 

Brush up on your hand signals and check your car for lights and horn.  We are highlighting safety this year on our tours.

Since our organizational meeting a year ago with a beginning number of thirty two, we have grown by fourteen new members.  We did lose five members over the year but have a net growth in our club.  We hope to increase our membership again this year.  Tell your Model T friends about our group.

See you in Russellville in April.

Morris Dillow, President

JANUARY 28, 2006

The January 28, 2006 winter meeting of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies was hosted by Zone 4 in Hot Springs.  David Ragsdale, 2005 president, opened the meeting with a slide presentation of club members and activities during 2005.  He did some “detective” work and had a few surprises for members Bill Payne, Chuck Haynes and Frank Cook.  After the fun and jokes these members were given a framed photo of his findings.  They were all good sports!  David thanked Carl Braughton for his help in making this a great meeting.  The food, tour, and fellowship were well planned and enjoyed by all.  David presented all the charter members with certificates recognizing them as founding members.  Charter members were those that initially joined the club at the January 2005 meeting.  Those charter members not present at the meeting will have their certificates mailed to them.

The president’s gavel was passed from David to our 2006 president, Morris Dillow.  Morris thanked David and Carl for a great tour and thanked the club members for all the cards and prayers for his mother, Jennie, during her illness and recovery.   His opening remarks included plans for a philanthropic project for our club.  He asked for suggestions from our members.  Ideas will be discussed at the next meeting.  Morris recommended an activity such as including a visit to a nursing home or shelter on our tour once or twice a year.  Another project for our club members recommended by Morris is attention to safety with our T’s such as use of hand signals and making sure that both front and rear lights are operating on our cars.

Tours discussed that will be coming up this year were the Dogwood Tour in Eureka Springs, April 6 and 7; the spring meeting and tour for the Tin Lizzies in Russellville, April 27 through 29, and our summer meeting and tour, July 28 and 29, in Zone 2 at Mountain View.  More complete information will be in the newsletter.

Morris reported on national tours such as one that he had participated in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois that was available through MTFCI.  He showed some photos made at this tour so members could see the events on this type of tour.

Morris presented suggestions for name tags that members might be interested in acquiring.  Details on the $6.00 name tags that were selected by the group will be in the newsletter.  If a member is interested in ordering one, a check and ordering information can be sent to Jane Payne and she will place the order for our club.

A motion was made and seconded to change the signatures on our club account to the 2006 president, Morris Dillow and treasurer, Jane Payne.  This motion was passed by the members.  A copy of the club minutes will be presented to Regions Bank, where our account is held, so the bank can authorize the signature changes. 

Nellie Howell gave the 2006 first quarter financial report.  The club had revenues of $130.00 and expenditures of $6.26.  This brought our account balance to $396.19. 

A review of the club accomplishments for 2005 was presented to the members.  All agreed we had made great strides in just one year.

The By Laws that were drawn up by Mike Walker and his committee at the end of 2005 were presented for approval.  The By Laws were approved by the members.  One item, the term of the officers, was changed from the first version that some may have seen.  Before being presented for a vote this was rewritten to read, “Officers and Directors shall serve for one year. The term of office shall run from the regular quarterly January meeting to the next year’s regular January meeting.”

Tena Ragsdale showed some items with the MTFCA logo and our club name screen printed on them.  They included hand towels, tote bags and a work/kitchen apron.  These can be made available to members if they would like to have any of the items.

Another point of business was that some people on the original roster had indicated they decided not to join the club and/or had not paid their 2005 dues.  An attempt to contact all of these people was successful in most cases.  It was voted to drop these people from the membership roster. Should any of them change their mind they are welcome to join the club at any time.

Morris announced the 2006 annual dues of $10.00 are now due from all members who wish to continue their membership in the Arkansas Tin Lizzies.  Dues should be sent to secretary/treasurer Jane Payne, 16139 W. State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834.

A letter was sent to the club from the Conway, Arkansas regional library concerning an event they are sponsoring on April 5.  There will be a review of the book The Great Gatsby at their library.  To enhance this event they have invited club members to come and bring their cars.  If you wish to dress in period costumes they would be delighted.

Another piece of information that was sent to our club is on the availability of 1920’s music on a CD.  If you are interested in getting one of these CD’s they are available through MTFCA.

Several items were donated for our auction: two jackets from Morris Dillow and REO cufflinks and tie tack donated by Roy and Tommie Mathis.  The pleasure of holding the Tin Lizzie Treasure until the next meeting was also auctioned.  Chuck Haynes, Ann Stephenson, Nellie Howell and Carl Braughton were the proud winners.

Mike Walker expressed his appreciation for our club and the friendships that are made through our association’s members.  He attributed this opportunity to the hard work of David Ragsdale as our first president.  David spearheaded the organization of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies and he did a great job.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Jane Payne, secretary/treasurer

Meeting Summary:

  1. Review of 2005.

  2. Change of officers.

  3. 2006 tours discussed.

  4. Name tags selected.

  5. Banking signatures changed.

  6. By Laws adopted.

  7. 2006 dues are due.

  8. Screen print items available.

David passes gavel to Morris

2005 Officers: David Ragsdale, Morris Dillow, Nellie Howell, Steve Stephenson and Bill Younkin

2006 Officers: Morris Dillow, Jane Payne, Mike Walker and Steve Stephenson

Winter tour

Thursday evening we all had dinner at Doe’s, a restaurant famous for its tamales and steaks.  There were about a dozen couples all out together.  Our new president about had a coronary when presented with a combined bill of over $400.00.  The waitress was asked to initiate Morris to the club antics by one of our more clever members.  Everyone did pay their share. Friday we all were ready to see the countryside in our T’s.  At 9:00 a.m. we roared off south on Highway 7.  From the Hot Springs area we basically went south to De Gray Lake, around the lake and then back to Hot Springs.  That is the short story.  The long story is that we spent all day on beautiful forested country roads around De gray Lake.  Amity was one of the small towns that we traveled through.  It has a beautiful fountain in the middle of town that reminds you of those that you might see on a postcard from a European village.  It seemed that our leader was a bit confused as we rounded the fountain several, several, several times.

Amity’s town fountain

It was all in fun as we spun off down the road on a STRAIGHT path east on highway 182.  There was a convenience store stop for gasoline and then on down the road to see more of the countryside.  Even though many trees had lost their leaves the scenery was still beautiful.  We went over a road called Skyline Drive that put us up above the world and enjoying the view.  Lunch was at a Cracker Barrel and then a visit to an antique store and a trading post.  More country roads led us to Garvan Woodland Gardens, a beautiful walk through garden.  It had wonderful streams and plantings.  The rock work was especially unique and was done by our own Mike Walker. 

Mike was also a great guide and helped the more novice of us to identify many of the plants and trees.  With all of the unusually warm winter the daffodils were even in bloom.  Every one will have to return sometime in the spring or summer and see the garden in its full glory.  It was only a short drive back to Hot Springs from there.

Text Box: One of the creeks in the garden



Text Box: Waterfalls were beautiful


Friday evening we went to dinner at Bennigan’s.  The food was excellent, especially dessert.  It was discovered that the way to our hearts is through a luscious confection.  Bill Howell ordered three large plates with the restaurant’s most tempting sweets.  We were all issued a spoon and sampled each goody.  We left Bennigan’s fat and happy!

There were several guests on the tour. Bill Payne’s long time friend Dick Younts rode with the Paynes on Friday.  Others that added interest to our group rode with the Haynes and Morris and Jennie.


Riders with the Haynes were Dirty Ernie, Bill Clinton and a new chicken. 

Samson was a satisfied rider with Morris and Jennie.

Saturday turned off rainy as predicted by the weatherman.  Not only was it wet; it was really wet.  We all chose to trailer our cars Friday evening or Saturday morning before the deluge and sit and visit until meeting time on Saturday.  We will have to save Saturday’s tour plans for another day.

Spotlight information

The Tin Lizzies News is in need of your spotlight information.  We are running low on members to put in our next issue.  Please send your information along if you have not done so already.  If you need a spotlight form, contact Nellie Howell, Arkansas Tin Lizzie News, 16508 W. State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834, (479) 229-3878.







Morgan and Phyllis Story are Arkansans via California.  They sold their home in California and retired to Mountain Home three and a half years ago and love the beautiful area they are in.  Busy southern California is in the past. 

When Morgan and Phyllis were married forty-three years ago they had a ’57 Chevy Bel Air station wagon, a 1931 Model A Ford (that Morgan had restored before they married), $800 and two children, Jimmy and Tammy.

After they were married Phyllis and Morgan decided to get their education out of the way so Morgan got a job and put Phyllis through college.  Phyllis graduated and landed a teaching job.  Then it was Morgan’s turn at the books.  He quit his job and completed his degree and graduated too.  Morgan then secured a teaching position as a high school woodshop instructor.  In the meantime they both were active with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and lots of school activities and all the other things you do while raising a family.

After about eight years of marriage, Morgan sold the Model A Ford and bought a 1914 Model T that he found in Ramona, CA.  This T was almost all original and complete.  When he got it home, he began restoring it.  However, the family and activities came first; therefore, the T got rolled back into the garage and had to wait a while for makeover.

When their children were out of high school it was time to begin again to restore the 1914.  As fate would have it things came up in the family and Morgan and Phyllis needed to help with grandchildren.  The T went back into the garage and they raised the grandchildren, Kristie, Leon and Jason for a number of years.  This included 4-H, raising pigs and going to the local fair to sell their animals.  There was also soccer, football, baseball and riding dirt bikes in the desert.

Aging parents caused another interrupted restoration for a few years.  The grandchildren are almost on their own and it is time for the T again that started so many years ago.    Even though this has been an extended project Morgan and Phyllis would not have changed a thing.

The Model T has been rolled out for its final session.  The chassis is now finished and Morgan is going to test run it around the neighborhood soon.  The body has also been restored and is ready to be put back in place.  Old cars always take longer than you think regardless of what you are doing with them.  When the car is completed, all that will have to be done is to enjoy the ride and keep it going.

Also, see a new Tech Tip from Morgan.  Thanks!!


Roy and Carolyn live in Norphlet which is right outside of El Dorado.  Roy has been bi-vocational until he retired from his job as an environmental surveillance officer for the state of Arkansas at a hazardous waste incinerator.  He is still an active pastor with his church.  Carolyn was a secretary at a CPA firm until she retired.  Both Carolyn and Roy volunteer at a church ministry center that provides help to people in their area. 

The Smiths raised three sons who are now adults.   Lawrence, 48, has been in the farming business and is now venturing into other areas; Clay, 42, is a firefighter at Cape Kennedy and Doug, 39, is a dairy unit manager at Louisiana Tech University.  They have six granddaughters ranging from age 24 years to 18 months.

Roy had always been interested in restoring a Model A.  One day he went to see a man about a tractor for his oldest son.  The man didn’t have the tractor but there was a Model T chassis with a truck body on it sitting under a shed.  Carolyn and Roy talked about that old T and decided that he should go back and get it.  The restoration has been an ongoing project, as many Model T owners know it can be.  The engine and wheels are completed but the rest of the car still has some work to be done.  Talking with others online at the MTFCA website and researching the work has been fun and interesting Roy says.

Roy and Carolyn are planning a trip to Great Britain in the spring so probably won’t make our next meeting.  They will be going to London and then to Dublin for the wedding reception of their niece.  They look forward to getting together with the group soon.


New members

The Tin Lizzies welcome four new members:

Larry and Kimberly Cox
1914 Touring and 1917 Depot Hack

James and Myranell Walker
Hector, AR
1923 Roadster

John Joyner
Hot Springs
1923 TT Truck and 1926 TT Truck

 Jim Venski
Hot Springs Village
1926 Running Chassis

Virginia Ness
England, AR

Name tags

Our new name tag will be 2” X 3” clip-on style.  It will have the MTFCA logo with the Model T.  Your name, club affiliation and home town will be engraved in black on the tag.  Each name tag is $6.00.  If you would like to place an order, send your check made out to Arkansas Tin Lizzies to Jane Payne, 16139 W State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834.  Be sure and give Jane exactly what you want printed on each name tag.

2006 dues

To continue your membership for 2006 send your dues to Jane Payne if you have not already done so.  The address for remitting is the same as for the name tag ordering.

Spring Meeting and tour

The spring meeting and tour will be hosted by Zone 3 in Russellville.  Mark your calendars for April 27-29.  Come for all or whatever part of the meeting/tour that works in with your schedule.  The host hotel is the Best Western Inn at 2326 N. Arkansas Ave. (Hwy. 7), 479-967-1000.  Room rates will be $65.00 (king bed) and $54.00 (double bed).  Fifteen rooms have been booked for the club.  It is just one block from a great antique mall.  Meals and attractions will be on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The basic schedule will be:

Thursday - Morrilton depot museum, Mt. Petit Jean for lunch and a visit to the museum of automobiles.

Friday - Back roads to Clarksville and Ozark, a barbeque lunch and then a visit to beautiful Subiaco Abby (circa 1880.)

Saturday - A short ride and tour of the Visitors Center at Lake Dardanelle and around 11:00 to 11:30 a club hosted Poor Boy’s lunch and meeting at the restored train depot in Russellville.  Those of you who would like to dress in period clothing should do so.  We hope to have the local newspaper there.

More Spring Meeting and Tour Details

Dogwood tour

All the Tin Lizzies are invited to the Dogwood Tour that is sponsored by the Tulsa Model T Club and arranged by Earl and Nancy Zechiedrich.  It will be April 6-7 and includes a cookout lunch at the Z’s cabin on Beaver Lake, a visit to War Eagle Mill and, of course, northwest Arkansas’ country roads and byways.  If the lake stays low we will get a chance to see the exposed ruins of the resort city of Monte Ne (Google Monte Ne for information on it.)  Reservations are at the Travelers’ Inn, phone 1-800-643-5566.

Tinkering tips

Steve Stephenson’s tinkering tip on coil testing is on our website.  If you would like a printed copy please contact Nellie Howell.

Follow this link...


Would you like to contribute or suggest an article or pictures for the newsletter?  We would like to hear from you.  Send it to Arkansas Tin Lizzies News, 16508 W State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834.