Volume 1, Number 3



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Club of America

showers did not dampen fun in england

Volume I, Number 3                                                                             2005



.   Well, if you missed the July meeting and tour in England you truly missed out on a good time. We didn’t have to worry about car bombers or terrorists in this England, just a few of Morris’s pet mosquitoes. Our club experienced first-rate southern hospitality from Ms. Jenny, Morris and all the helpers who made the day very accommodating for the group. We really have a variety of scenic roads in Arkansas, from the hills of the Ozarks to the southern Delta. Every area has its own points of interests and beauty. We had pleasant temperatures on our tour, which took us through some nice old towns with friendly people. At one point along our tour, we drove three miles under the cover of pecan trees. Later that day, we experienced what it would be like to drive our Model T’s through a car wash at 30 miles per hour. As the sky opened up and dumped buckets of rain on us, new members, Bob and Judy Emerson who were riding with me, got to experience first hand the importance of having rain ponchos while in a touring car without side curtains. I reassured Judy that I had never hydroplaned in a Model T. I think it’s the challenge, and the fact that we are driving and riding outside the box, that makes the Ford Model T such a fun vehicle to tour. If I had been hauling Bob and Judy around in a late model classic, we would not have had near the laughs that we had. 

If you missed the opportunity to come to the July meeting, you need to plan on coming to the fall meeting in Mountain View September 23-24. Since everything was practically booked up throughout October, we had to choose either the end of September or first part of November. With most of the attractions closing at the end of October, we decided we better go ahead and book it in September. We will be traveling a few more hills around Mountain View, so make sure brakes and low band are properly adjusted. We will probably travel around 60-70 miles on Friday, and only about 40 miles on Saturday.

We are staying at Pinewood Cabins, which are just a couple blocks from the downtown square where the locals play music at night. You access website at pinewoodcabins.com.  I encourage all members to make their reservations early to assure you will have a cabin. Be sure to tell them you are with the Arkansas Tin Lizzies group. If your Model T is not operable, you can still come and have a good time with everyone. If anybody has a homemade ice cream freezer that they can bring to the meeting, please let me know. We are planning to make homemade ice cream Saturday evening in the pavilion at Pinewood. Drive safely, and I look forward to seeing you there.

David Ragsdale, President

July 9, 2005

The meeting was called to order by president, David Ragsdale.  David thanked Morris and Judy Dillow and Morris’ mother, Virginia, for hosting the meeting at her beautiful home in England.  They were such gracious hosts and so generous to work so hard to entertain all the Tin Lizzie members.

The minutes of the April 16 meeting were approved as they appeared in the last newsletter.  The financial statement was read by secretary/treasurer Nellie Howell.  There were deposits of $123.00 from dues and contributions which brought the balance to $301.45.  There were no expenditures from the club account in the third quarter.  The financial statement was approved.

It was reported by the secretary that copies of our newsletter were being sent to the MTFCA chapter newsletter committee.  Yearly awards are presented by the MTFCA for outstanding chapter newsletters.  We decided to enter our club’s newsletter in the competition.

David asked for Zone reports.  Chuck Haynes pointed out the news article that appeared in the Vintage Ford of member Bubba Beason who is serving Iraq.  He was expected to return home in mid-July and hoped to be at our next meeting.  The North Central Zone will host our next meeting in Mountain View.  Steve Stephenson and David Ragsdale met a couple of weeks ago and made plans for that meeting.  A full report was to be given later in the meeting.

A club banner was donated by David and Tena Ragsdale to use at club events and when needed by club members in their respective zones.  Members can get this banner which has the club name and logo on it from David.  David used it at the Petit Jean Swap Meet in June.  It attracted several new members to sign up with the Tin Lizzies.

David Ragsdale purchased some restoration videos from MTFCA.  These will be available to loan out to club members.  Contact David if you would like to borrow one or more of them.  The policy will be that the loan is at no cost to our members unless they are damaged or lost.  Then the person must replace the video.  If other members have videos or material that they would like to share under these same policies let David know.

A nominating committee was appointed to select officers for the coming year and to investigate By-Laws for the club.  An audit of the club books will also be done by this committee.  The chairpersons for the committee will be Chuck and Sharon Haynes.  Other committee members will be Carl and Georgie Braughton, Mike and Beverly Walker and Steve and Ann Stephenson.  The committee will select nominations for vice-president, secretary/treasurer and zone chairman for those zones in which there will not be a 2006 club officer.  The president for the coming year will be this year’s vice-president, Morris Dillow.  The new slate of officers will be presented and voted on at the fall meeting in Mountain View.

As reported above Steve Stephenson and David Ragsdale investigated the accommodations available in the Mountain View area and made plans for the fourth quarter meeting.  This meeting will be September 23 and 24.  There will be short tours on Friday and Saturday in the Mountain View area that will begin at 9:00 a.m.  A lunch meeting will be at 12:00 on Saturday at the Iron Skillet Restaurant in the Ozark Folk Center.  Members should feel free to come for those events that will fit into their schedules.  Eight cabins have been reserved at the Pinewood Cabins (877-269-5900) at $75.00 per night.  You will need to make your own reservations.  When you do so, let them know that you are with the Arkansas Tin Lizzie Model T Club and would like one of the reserved cabins.  Additional motel rooms are also available but only eight cabins were reserved in our group’s name.  Stops on the tours are planned at local points of interest such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. The admission for the walking tours of the caverns for a group of 15 or more is $7.00 a person (usually $15.00).  Please let David know if you are interested so that we can make these arrangements.  In the evenings at the Mountain View town square local townspeople play music, so bring your lawn chairs if you want to sit and listen.  On Saturday evening we will have an ice cream social with homemade ice cream for everyone.  More specific plans and maps will be available the day of the tours.

A fall regional tour that members may be interested in attending is the Chickasaw Tour October 7 and 8.  The entry fee is $95.00 a person and will hub from Davis, OK.  Details can be found in Vintage Ford as well as other tours and events that may be of interest to you.

That notorious doughnut from the Dogwood Tour reappeared at this meeting as the ARKANSAS TIN LIZZIE TREASRUE, polyurethane coated and mounted on a beveled board with a brass plaque noting its questionable historic value and zero food value. 

Steve Stephenson related its rather circumspect history again and his wife Ann bid $25.00 to hold the “treasure” for the next quarter and stop the history lesson.  For those of you who don’t know and may care this doughnut was supposedly owned by Henry Ford and inspired his design of the Model T transmission and the Tin Lizzies are the national custodian of this “treasure”. 

Also auctioned was a tri-fold billfold with a Model T insignia and a wall clock with a 1920 Model T pictured on the front, Bill Payne was the high bidder on both these items.

 All these netted the club treasury $91.00.  Thank you Bill!

At the conclusion of the auction a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting with grateful thanks to the Dillows and Virginia for their hospitality.  After the meeting members were invited to see Morris’ 1913 touring car that is under restoration.  He hopes to have it at the next meeting and tour.

Respectfully submitted
Nellie H. Howell, secretary/treasurer

Meeting Summary:

1.      Chapter newsletter entered in MTFCA competition
      Zone reports
      Tin Lizzie club banner available
      Restoration videos can be loaned
      2006 nominating named
      Fourth quarter tour in Mountain View
      Chickasaw Tour Oct. 7 – 8

Correction to the financial report:  A $10.00 deposit was mistakenly recorded twice on the financial report handed out the meeting, once on July 5 and again on July 6.  Therefore, the total deposits should have been reported as $113.00 with a third quarter balance of $291.45.  Apologies from the treasurer.









Sue is a Dardanelle native and Duard came to Dardanelle in 1933.  They have three married daughters and eight grandchildren.  They are partners in a real estate company located just off the bridge as you cross the Arkansas River into Dardanelle.

They have owned as many as forty antiques cars at one time and bought their first antique in the early 50’s, a 1932 Chevrolet.  In 1964 they bought their first Model T’s, a 1914 touring car and a 1925 Model T roadster.  Duard says they paid $2,000 for both of them.  He had a friend drive the roadster home since he did not have that skill yet, but along the route home the friend made Duard give the T driving a try.  They have been T enthusiasts ever since.  Duard and Sue are now down to only one T, a 1919 coupe that is under restoration.  However, they also have eight or ten other “builders”, three metropolitans, a ’51 Ford half ton, a ‘63 Morris Austin mini, a Volkswagen bus, a ’70 Mercedes and a ’63 Falcon van.  Their antique that is in driving condition is a 1978 MGB roadster.

One of their antiques that holds special memories was their 1939 Rolls Royce.  It was a beautiful car that was used in all three of their daughters’ weddings.  A chauffer was secured for each wedding to take the bride and groom from the church to the reception at their home.

In the 80’s when the real estate was not as active because of high interest rates, Duard and Sue traveled around the country to swap meets.  They wore out three motor homes and made it to all but four or five states.  As they traveled the country Duard acquired antique cars and parts and Sue acquired antiques for their shop that they had for about ten years.

Duard is proud to say that he will soon be celebrating his seventy fifth birthday and that this certainly should qualify him to own a Model T.

Look at their current work in process…


Lee and Pat Lastovica live in Rogers.  They have four children who are all married now with children of their own thus giving Lee and Pat eight grandchildren and one great grandson.  Since 1969 they have been running a 559 acre farm raising broilers and beef cattle.  Growing up in Smithville, Texas Lee’s first acquaintance with old cars was a homemade 1918 pickup. They made the pickup from a touring car that Lee bought for just $15.00!  On Sundays Lee would load up the ’18 truck with his brothers and sisters and other kids and ride around the dusty country back roads.  Lee said sometimes it would be so full of kids that it would barely make it up some of the hills. 

In 1958 after two years in the Army, Lee and Pat moved to San Antonio where Lee was a carrier for the United States Postal System.  They were ready to leave the big city in 1968 when they heard of the beautiful farms in Arkansas from relatives who had vacationed in the state. Lee and Pat bought their northwest Arkansas farm, packed up their things and have been Arkansans for the past thirty-six years.

In 1967 they bought a Model T chassis with a motor.  

After acquiring pieces here and there from several different states it was finally in running order in 1993.  This car is their current beautiful 1926 roadster.


Norphlet, in central Arkansas, is home to Roy and Carolyn Smith.  Roy has been bi-vocational as a minister and an environmental surveillance officer for the state at a hazardous waste incinerator.  Roy at seventy-one years old still pastors a church but retired from his other job.    Carolyn has retired as a secretary at a CPA firm.  They have three sons, Lawrence, Clay and Doug and six granddaughters, ages twenty-five to six months.

Roy got into Model T’s when looking for an Allis Chalmers WC tractor for his oldest son who was in farming. Roy went to see a man who said he had one of these tractors.  It turned out that the man did not have the tractor, but over in an old shed there was a Model T chassis.  Now Roy’s interest had always been in restoring a Model A when he saw that T.  He and Carolyn talked and decided that Roy would go back and get that old T.  The engine and wheels are ready to go, but there is still more restoration ahead.  Roy has found great pleasure in talking T’s and reading information online at the MTFCA website.  It won’t be long before it is rolling with the other Tin Lizzies.


Tour in England

Vice president, Morris Dillow, planned a tour that included a scenic drive, museum and antique store visits and lunch in a local restaurant housed in a converted old time drugstore.

We began at Morris’ mother’s 1903 home with coffee, fried pies and juice to fortify us for the ride. 

Our first stop just down the street was the Wagon Wheel museum.  It contained numerous vintage wagons and carriages of times past.  This collection belongs to Pat Henderson and was acquired by Pat’s grandfather but is no longer open to the public.  There were wagons of all descriptions from a simple  buckboard to an ornate New Orleans funeral hearse.  Also in the museum were small sized replicas of England’s old one room school house, bank, Pat Henderson’s grandfather’s first home, the old jail and a church.

On our tour of the countryside we saw old pecan groves, agricultural land, lakes, rivers, beautiful Marlsgate Plantation and the Plantation Agriculture Museum.

At the end of the tour an afternoon thunderstorm began on our return route.  We all took refuge in a large antique mall that everyone enjoyed not only for the beautiful antiques but also for the dry air conditioned buildings.  The downpour did not dampen our spirits even if it did get most of us more than a little wet.

The day ended with our chapter meeting and a wonderful meal of smoked chicken cooked outside on the grill and delicious vegetables, salad and desserts.  The rain put us inside Virginia’s home, though unplanned but in cozy comfort. 

We all enjoyed a well planned and interesting day.

NEW Members

We have five new Tin Lizzies since our last meeting.  We are happy to welcome the following people to the Arkansas Tin Lizzies:

·        Tony and Barbara Cervelli; Austin, AR; North Central Zone; 1925 Four Door.

·        Bob and Judy Emerson; Morrilton, AR; River Valley Zone; 1918 Center Door.

·        J.D. and Tana Foster; Springdale, AR; Northwest Zone; 1920 Coupe.

·        Don and Suzie Melton; Mountain View, AR; North Central Zone; 1926 Truck.

·        Teddy and Eva Spurgin; Hartman, AR; Northwest Zone; 1926 Roadster..

Address changes and corrections

There are a few address changes and corrections that you may want to make on your membership listing.  Please note the following changes:

·        Roy Smith’s post office box number has changed to 92.  

·        Jeff Stiles’ e-mail address should be jeff.m.stiles@swl02.usace.army.mil the swl are all letters. 

·        Steve Fennel’s e-mail address should be sfennel@direcway.com

·        Frank Cook’s cell phone number is 479-981-0731.

·        Charles Wesley goes by the first name of Franklin and his cell phone number is 479-453-3572.

·        Stan and Vicki Elkins’ home phone is 501-589-2335.

A new detail member list is enclosed with this newsletter.  If we don’t have a picture of you and your car… please send us one along with a little detail.  (Write name and detail on the back of the picture please.) 


Morris distributed club jackets that were ordered at the last meeting.  If you are interested in ordering a jacket of your own, he can place another order without the minimum of ten as required on the first order.  Just contact Morris at 501-351-5991 or e-mail at moedilllow@msn.com.

Tech tips
Keeping Dry in a Tin Lizzie
in a Rain Storm

1. Find a covered garage and stay there.

2. Don’t be out in the rain in the first place.

3. Keep your power (and coils) dry.

4. Make sure you have a designated windshield wiper person.

5. Follow detailed instructions on how to make a poncho from a black plastic trash sack.

6. That’s about all that will only help; otherwise you are going to get wet!


If you have information, pictures or suggestions for the newsletter please send it to Nellie Howell.  We want the ARKANSAS TIN LIZZIES NEWS to contain things of interest to our members.


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