Volume 1, Number 2



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Club of America

Members of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies and Model T Ford Club of Tulsa enjoyed Fayetteville's Air Museum (left) and the Mill at War Eagle (right).

Meeting and First tour
A Great success

Volume I , Number 2                                                                 2005



The first official Arkansas Tin Lizzie club tour is now history; however, those involved with the tour and meeting will not forget the memories anytime soon.  Members Frank and Lois Cook of Eureka Springs, though a bit hesitant of the first day’s 75 mile route, really got a taste of the good life on Arkansas back roads in a Ford Model T.  Members Carl and Georgie Braughton of Hot Springs and Bill and Nellie Howell of Mt. Nebo also enjoyed their first tour.  Sure, there were a few minor problems with a few cars, but overall the cars and drivers performed well.  Everyone was treated to beautiful scenic landscapes with dogwoods, redbuds and wild flowers in bloom.  There were many “T” classic moments such as Ann Stephenson’s first “T” ride by yours truly on the way to a restaurant Friday night.  I am still digging the fingernails out of my seat!  Once again, “thanks” to members Earl and Nancy Zechiedrich for their work in hosting a wonderful tour and presenting our club with a gavel made from a wooden Model T spoke.  I was happy to see sixteen Model T’s on the tour this year and look forward to seeing more next year.  I encourage all our members to attend the next meeting July 9th in England Arkansas.  Several members including myself will be bringing our T’s on a trailer for the Saturday tour.  If you have any questions regarding details for the next tour/meeting, contact vice president Morris Dillow.  You don’t want  to miss out on the fun and fellowship.

David Ragsdale, President

APRIL 16, 2005

The meeting began with the awarding of prizes by the Tulsa Model T Club. Earl Zechiedrich, who organized the Dogwood Tour for the Tulsa club emceed the presentation.  Antique model cars were awarded for the antique license plate with the best poker hand, the person who encountered the most problems, the person who remembered the population of  Farmington (one of the towns we drove through) and the person who knew what car first used Phillips head screws. The prizes went to Bill Payne, Morris Dillow and Herman Barfhell, who won the last two.

Earl Zechiedrich said that next year’s tour would be held again in Eureka Springs at the same time of year.

The Larry Young of the Tulsa Club announced several upcoming events that both clubs might be interested in attending.  They are the Speedster Reunion in Lincoln, NE held August 1–5, the Talimena Drive Tour in Mena, AR held September 23–25 and the Chickasaw Tour in Davis, OK held October 7–8.  The Speedster Reunion is a five day event that will include seminars, displays and several exhibits as well as sightseeing tours in the area.  The 29th Talimena Scenic Drive Tour hubs out of Mena.  C.J. and Mary Jones will be hosting the Chicksaw Tour which is a two day event.  For additional information you can go to the Tulsa Club website at http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/MTFCTulsa/

President, David Ragsdale began the Arkansas Tin Lizzies meeting with thanks to the Tulsa group for a fun and well planned tour of the Eureka Springs and northwest Arkansas area.  All people in the sixteen cars who participated had a wonderful time riding the back roads and byways.  The tour was well planned and organized.  A big thank you to Earl  and Nancy Zechiedrich for all their work.  Congratulations to all for coming and to the Cooks, Braughtons and Howells for their first tour.

Minutes from the January 15, 2005 meeting were read by secretary/treasurer Nellie Howell.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Bill Payne and seconded by Morris Dillow.  The minutes were accepted.

The treasurer’s report was read and accepted.  A bank balance at the beginning of the meeting was $178.45.

Bill Payne reported that a legislative amendment in the Arkansas State Legislature to raise the fee for antique plates was withdrawn.  It may come up again in a couple of years but will not go into effect this year.  There seems to have been concern by the legislators of abuse of the use of the antique plate.

Nellie Howell reported that the next newsletter will be sent by e-mail.  If for some reason those members with e-mail addresses do not receive their newsletter, it will be sent by regular mail.  Members without e-mail will still get their newsletters by regular mail.

Morgan Story of Mountain Home who attended his first meeting at Eureka Springs was  welcomed to the club.  Morgan acquired  his Model T 34 years ago and is now restoring that car, a 1914.  New members Steve and Donna Fennel joined our group.  They are from Berryville, AR and own a 1920 Model T roadster.  It is under restoration.

Bill Younkin said that he and W.Q. had not yet gotten together about who would be the northwest Arkansas area representative.  Bill said that he and W.Q. would work that out.

David reported that the Arkansas Tin Lizzies are now legally a nonprofit corporation in the state of Arkansas. 

David encouraged everyone to send a “bio” of you and your family and your involvement in Model T’s.  Send it to Nellie Howell for the  member spotlight feature in the newsletter .

All members who have not paid their 2005 dues are encouraged to do so.  Please send them to Nellie Howell.

Earl Zechiedrich was a handyman in his home shop and made a unique club gavel from a Model T wooden spoke.  It is decorated with brass plates stamped “ Arkansas Tin Lizzies”.  Thank you Earl!

Morris Dillow presented the club with a sample of a jacket embroidered with an emblem representing the Arkansas Tin Lizzie area.  The windbreaker comes in several colors, black, grey, red, pink, navy, royal blue and silver.  It is embroidered on the back with an outline of the state of Arkansas.  The areas of the state are represented by a razorback, deer, wheat and cotton.  With an order of ten or more jackets the cost would be $75.00 each.  Sizes available will be extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and 2XL.

A Club Logo was discussed.  Carl Braughton had a circular sign made for his car with a Model T pictured in the center and the club name around the outside of the circle.  This was suggested to be used for the club logo.  A picture of this sign will be put in the next newsletter for all the members to see.  Other logo suggestions will be accepted for consideration and a vote of the membership.

A request was made by Bill Younkin for a club directory.  This will be made available as soon as it can be compiled.

David Ragsdale mentioned two other tours that members may be interested in participating.  They are the Show Me Tour on May 19–21 in Mountain Home, AR.  The motel that will be used is the Best Western.  Details are in the Vintage Ford.  September  7–11 is the Hillybilly Tour put on by the Heart of Ozarks Chapter.  Vintage Ford also has details of this event.

As a fund raising event Bill Payne graciously auctioned off his personally owned “antique” Krispy Kreme doughnut.  Steve Stephenson related a version of “history” for this doughnut which was once owned by Henry Ford and the doughnut’s rather shaky link to the design of the Model T motor.  Bill Howell was the high bidder and now lucky owner of this “historic” doughnut.

The next meeting will be July 9, 2005 in England, AR at the 1903 home of Morris Dillow’s mother, Jennie.  A one day tour in the England area will be planned.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and seconded.

Respectfully submitted
Nellie H. Howell, secretary/treasurer


Meeting Summary:

1.      Tour prizes were awarded.
AR Legislative amendment for increasing antique plate fee was withdrawn.
Arkansas Tin Lizzie has nonprofit status.
Club jackets are now available through Morris Dillow.
A club logo will be selected.
The next meeting will be in Zone  4, in England, AR.









The Stephensons raise cattle near Leslie on adjoining farms with their children and their families.  The children also work outside jobs as teachers, in construction, veterinary work, agriculture and in the sawmill business; whatever it takes to afford farming!  Steve and Ann are Texas and Kansas transplants and have been in Arkansas 25 years.  They are children of the 30’s and have memories of Model T’s from then. Ann toured the country with her dad and family working out of a Model A pickup.  Steve has pictures of his family in their 1914-15 touring car from the early 30’s.  As a teenager, Steve, with boyhood friends, each contributed five dollars and bought a T touring car, fixed the broken frame and roared around Kansas going fishing and chasing girls (as related by Steve.)  Ann and Steve met in Texas, married and started a family, thus their two sons, four grands and twelve great grands.

While working at NASA in Houston, they acquired their first Model T for fifty dollars which they worked on sparingly and hunted parts regularly.  All this was stored on their small farm in Brenham, Texas.  When they moved to Arkansas, they loaded up a 28 foot trailer with rusty stuff, five Model T’s in various states of repair, or not.  All was stored with Ann’s tolerant blessing behind the shop on their Arkansas farm.  It had to wait again while barns and houses were built, children raised and cows cared for.

A few more years passed before restoration began in earnest.  Cars are restored in a parallel fashion according to Steve.  This means work on one car until you hit a snag and then go to another.  The benefit of this method is avoiding frustration, stress and lack of ability, money, time or all of the above.  Ann often sends Steve to work on the cars when she requires a break and off he goes making both happy with the time spent.  As a result of the restoration they have a ’23 truck and a ’26 coupe almost completed; a ’14 touring car and a ’27 touring car are both well along the restoration process and then there is one basket case which is either a ’19 roadster or ’24 pickup.  They hope to have a completed T running soon so that Steve’s mechanical ability and Ann’s patience will finally be rewarded.


Carl and Georgie are new owners in the Model T’s fanciers group.  They acquired their first in September of 2003 and are enjoying this new found pastime.

Georgie and Carl will have been married for 49 years in September of 2005.  They have one daughter, Judy, and a son-in-law, Bryan.  They are also the proud grandparents of Zane, 20, and Seth,16.  Carl has been retired from Southwestern Bell for ten years with 38 years service and a retired 35 year veteran of the Arkansas National Guard.

This past February they decided to enter their “new” 1924 Model T in the Hot Springs St. Patrick’s Day parade.  This was going to require a little effort since the T was not quite ready for its debut.  Carl started inquiring at local paint shops about painting the ’24.  The shops gladly talked about the job but could not meet the time schedule.  One shop would do it but it did not meet the requirements of Carl’s pocketbook (as many of us have found).  So Carl decided to do it himself!  Though a novice car painter Carl did complete the job and was ready for their first parade.  They loaded the T on their trailer and made the ten mile trip from their home in Fountain Lake to Hot Springs.  Carl and Georgie were right behind the city hook and ladder truck and every time he blew his air horn they would toot back.

Carl and Georgie were probably the hit of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Their car was certainly the right shade of green.


The following is one logo that will be considered by our members:

If you have other suggestions for a logo bring a sketch to next our meeting so that we all can make a selection.

Tech Tips
Loading your Tin Lizzie

1.  Determine how you got the wheel outside the trailer rail.|
2.  Get help.
3.  Get more advice.
4.  Lever that sucker into the right place.
5.  Go home a little embarrassed. 

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be July 9 in Zone 4, central Arkansas.  It will be held at the home of Morris Dillow’s mother, Jennie Ness, 301East Fordyce Street; England, Arkansas.  There will be large “T” signs to direct you once you get close.  Morris has arranged for parking of our trailers across the street from his mother’s.  We will meet at 9:00 a.m.  Our first stop will be a visit to a private collection in England owned by a friend of Morris’ called the Wagon Wheel Museum.  We will then take a short trip around the country side and end up at a restaurant for lunch.  We will be back at Jennie’s for a 4:00 p.m. club business meeting after which the Dillow’s and Jennie have graciously invited us for dinner which they will prepare.  If you have any questions about these arrangements contact Morris at 501-351-5991.  The maps below should get you to Jennie’s.  Should you want to stay over night in a nearby motel, there are some located at the Protho Junction exit on I-40 (Comfort Inn and Super 8.)  This exit is about 22 miles from England. 

Tin Lizzie member featured in vintage ford

Check your most recent Vintage Ford.  Bubba Beason a Tin Lizzie member from Cabot was featured on page 30 in the May/June issue.  We all anxiously await his safe return from Iraq.



There is a correction to the address information for Steve and Donna Fennel.  It should have read as follows:  236 County Rd.  9477, Berryville, AR 72616.  Their e-mail address is sfennel@direcway.com.  By mistake I put two l’s in their e-mail address where there should have been only one.

If there are other errors in address information, please let Nellie Howell know and corrections will be made.


If you have information, pictures or suggestions for the newsletter please send it to Nellie Howell.  We want the ARKANSAS TIN LIZZIES NEWS to contain things of interest to our members.

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