Volume 1, Number 1



Arkansas Tin Lizzies, a local chapter of the
Model T Club of America

Dean Yoder’s Model T at “Show Me” Tour, May 2004

Welcome charter

Volume I, Number 1                                                                  2005



Well, it’s now official. The name of our Model T club is “Arkansas Tin Lizzies”. After a close vote by the membership at the charter meeting, it was between “Model T’s of Arkansas” and “Arkansas Tin Lizzies”. The Tin Lizzies won by a nose, and The Natural State Model T Club was a distant third.

I would like to thank all the people that showed up at the meeting, and let those that didn’t make it know that they were missed. We had four Model T cars show up, and a total of 26 people.

I encourage the director of each of the geographical zones to become acquainted with the members and their spouses in their zone and begin planning routes for a short driving tour near their meeting place. I know there are some who do not have drivable cars, but don’t let this interfere with your participation. One of the purposes of the club is to help others, whether it is questions about repairs or physical help with your car. If someone needs a little help getting their “T” going, let me know.

The next meeting of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies will be held April 16th at Eureka Springs. The location will be at the Travelers Inn, which is located on Hwy 62 next to the Pizza Hut, and close to Pine Mountain Jamboree. For those who are interested in dusting off their T’s and taking a little road tour, the Tulsa Model T club will also be in town for their Dogwood Tour. We have made arrangements to join their tour that will begin Friday morning, April 15th and extend through Saturday the 16th. The cost for rooms is $42.00 a night. When you make your reservations at the Travelers Inn ask for the Model T Club discount.  Their telephone number is 1-800-643-5566.

Please let me know if you plan to take part in the tour. For questions regarding the tour or meeting site, contact Earl Zechiedrich at (479) 474-8155.

On my agenda for the Arkansas Tin Lizzies will be to contact the Model T Ford Club of America and find out what we must do to become affiliated with that national organization.  We will also need to get registered as a non-profit club as well as get a bank account (probably with Regions Bank) for the Arkansas Tin Lizzies.

Don’t forget the “Show Me Model T Club” is hosting a three day Model T Tour in Mountain Home, Arkansas on May 19th-21st. This would be a great opportunity for some of the members in that area to take advantage of a good organized tour close to home. At last check, there are 35 cars signed up, and the cut off is 50 cars, so don’t delay your decision too long. If you need more information, let me know.

Final thought: Spring is just around the corner, so start getting those T’s ready now.  

David Ragsdale, President



Hi David:

We are extremely pleased to have the Arkansas Tin Lizzies as a chapter of the MTFCA. (Personally, I like the name choice. Although Model Ts of Arkansas was good, also.)

Your chapter charter certificate has been prepared and signed and will be going out in the mail today, along with a letter and some other material.

We will make the announcement in the March-April issue of the Vintage Ford.

If there is anything we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to call us. We will do anything we can to help you make the Arkansas Tin Lizzies everything you want it to be.

Best regards,


JANUARY 15, 2005

The January 15, 2005 meeting was called to order by David Ragsdale of Russellville who spearheaded the organization of an active, nationally sanctioned Model T club in Arkansas.  He outlined what he thought would be some guidelines for a successful organization.  He suggested:

1. The club will meet quarterly in each of four geographical areas of the state.
2. Members include persons interested in Model Ts.
3. Members should be divided into four geographical areas of the state.
4. Each meeting should include a tour conducted in the area in which the meeting is held.
5. Officers should include a president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and a district
representative from each of the four areas.  The representative could be the president, vice president or secretary/treasurer or a separate officer.

The first order of business was to nominate officers.  The following were nominated and elected to one term of office:
President – David Ragsdale of    Russellville
Vice President – Morris Dillow of England
Secretary/Treasurer – Nellie Howell of Dardanelle/Mt. Nebo
Director, Zone 1 – W.Q. Hall of Huntsville
Director, Zone 2 – E.L. (Steve) Stephenson of Leslie
Director, Zone 3 – David Ragsdale
Director, Zone 4 - Morris Dillow

It was agreed by the members that since W.Q. Hall was elected, though not present at the meeting, if he could not serve, Bill Younkin would be the Director of Zone 1.

The state Zones will be Zone 1, northwest Arkansas; Zone 2, north central Arkansas; Zone 3, the River Valley area; Zone 4, central Arkansas.  The director of each zone will be responsible for arranging a location for the quarterly meeting held in that zone and also organizing the club tour.

Yearly dues were voted to be $10.00 (ten) dollars per year per family.  The financial year for the club is to be January to January.

If you have not already paid your yearly dues, please send you dues to Nellie H. Howell, 16508 W. State Hwy. 155, Dardanelle, AR  72834-9323.  Make your check payable to Arkansas Tin Lizzies.

Suggestions for club names were Model Ts of Arkansas, Arkansas Tin Lizzies, Natural State Model T Club and Ozark Model Ts.  The majority of the votes were for Arkansas Tin Lizzies.  It was agreed that Arkansas Tin Lizzies would be the club name.  A bank account will be opened for the club in this name.

The next club meeting will be held on Saturday, April 16 in Eureka Springs in conjunction with the Dogwood Tour.

President David Ragsdale will be submitting the required information for sanctioned affiliation of our club with the Model T Ford Club of America.  The 32 members on the roster sent to the Model T Ford Club of America for our national affiliation will be the charter members of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies club.

Bill Howell has offered to register Arkansas Tin Lizzies as an internet domain name as well as host an e-mail address for Arkansas Tin Lizzies.

A quarterly newsletter will be sent to all our members to keep everyone informed about the club activities and business.

At the conclusion of the meeting an invitation was extended to club attendees to visit the garages of local members Walter Hudson, David Ragsdale and Bill Payne.  Several members were interested and accompanied those members to their locations.  Those interested in going to a local antique mall were assisted by local members on that excursion.

Club business was concluded and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Nellie H. Howell, secretary/treasurer


Meeting Summary:
1. Arkansas Tin Lizzies was selected as the organization name.
2. Officers were elected.
3. Dues were decided to be $10.00 per year per family.
4. The club will meet four times per year, once in each of the four geographical zones.
5. The next club meeting will be in Zone 1 on the weekend of April 16.


Morris Dillow has offered to design a club logo.  This will be presented at a club meeting for acceptance as soon as he completes the design.  If anyone has a suggestion, Morris is sure to welcome your idea.

So that our members can get to know each other, we will have a regular column about our member families in each newsletter. It will be information about their family, when they first owned a Model T, and any other interesting information that you would like to share with the club about yourself and your family.  We will begin this column with our president David Ragsdale and Tena, his wife.  If each of you will send me, via mail or e-mail, a family “bio” we will include one or two families in each issue.







David Ragsdale

My wife, Tena and I have been married twenty years, and we have two children, Will and Lauren. Will is a junior in high school, and Lauren is an eighth grader. My wife and I both own and operate our businesses. Tena has operated her gymnastics business for about twenty- five years. I have operated my insurance agency for 18 years. We currently own five antique autos, but the first was our 1923 Model T touring car. We went to buy a part for our antique pedal tractor from a man near Judsonia. When we were about to leave his place, my attention was drawn toward an old black car showing itself from a partially opened barn door. I asked to look at the car, not knowing what I was about to get into. While Tena and I were admiring this gorgeous old T, the man suggested that we should buy the car. My first reaction was shock, but I quickly became interested as we settled in on a selling price. After I counseled with the Model T guru (Walter Hudson), and mulled over the purchase, Tena and I became the fourth owner. The original owners of the car lived in the community of Cord, Arkansas. That was in 1998, and since that time, our family has truly enjoyed this magnificent car. In June of 2002, we had the pleasure of accompanying two other Model Ts and a Model A roadster on a weeklong trip down to Natchez, Mississippi. It was a six hundred mile, for the most part, trouble free journey with our two kids on board. We really didn’t have a time schedule; we just planned our routes on the go, meeting friendly people and interesting places. A person can see a lot of our beautiful country while driving the back roads at 30 MPH in a Model T.  


In order to save on paper and postage, the newsletter will be e-mailed to all the members that have an e-mail address and will be sent via regular mail to all others.  So that we will know whether you have received an emailed newsletter an automatic reply will go to Nellie Howell.  We hope this is okay with those who get the e-mailed newsletter.


Your suggestions are more than welcome for our newsletter.  You all probably have seen other newsletters with good features.  We want to incorporate what our members would like to see in our ARKANSAS TIN LIZZIES NEWS.                                                                     

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