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Arkansas Tin Lizzies

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Arkansas Tin Lizzies

The Arkansas Tin Lizzies Club is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America.  Our web site is for members to stay abreast of current club activities as well as past fun times we have had together.  Visitors to the site are invited to view the activities of Arkansans having fun with their T's and also  learn about our club.  Those interested in joining our club can print a membership application from this web site. 

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Information on MTFCA Membership and an online application can be found on the MTFCA Web Site.

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We encourage all of our members to join the Model T Ford Club of America.

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Check out the web site that will contain lots of tips and tricks for restoring and repairing your Model T.

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2017 Winter/Spring Tour - Eureka Springs, AR

April 5-8 arriving April 5, 2017

Eureka Springs, AR

We have not been back to Eureka Springs in a number of years. We will be driving some of the roads used in the recent MTFCA National Tour which were a bit different from the trips we usually take.

Contact: Bill/Nellie Howell, 479-857-5757


Motel:      Inn of the Ozarks, 207 W. Van Buren, 479-253-9768. Rates-$89, standard & $99, balcony. 27 rooms reserved until March 5 for Arkansas Tin Lizzies. Trailer parking is available. Arrive 4/5, depart 4/9.

Back to a favorite Model T touring area in Northwest Arkansas. We will be traveling some new roads to the Club and tracks in the recent MTFCA National Tour. Hope the dogwoods bloom a little early!

2017 Spring/Summer Tour - El Dorado, AR

May TBD, 2017

El Dorado, AR

Visiting and touring in the El Dorado, AR area.

Contact: Charlie McIllwain, 479-967-5839 or 479-964-9787


Motel:     TBD

To Follow

2017 Fall Tour - Cookeville, TN

TBD (Thursday/Friday/Saturday Tour)

Bartlesville, OK

Visiting the sights and T roads in the Bartlesville, OK area.

Contact: Mike Bender, 918-260-2525


Motel:    Motel TBA

Museums and sights around the Bartlesville, OK area

2017 Summer/Fall Tour - Bartlesville, OK

September TBD, 2017

Cookeville, TN

To Follow

Contact: David Ragsdale, 479-970-3348


Motel:    TBA

Sights and Trails in and around Cookeville, TN

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